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This comprehensive Ford Falcon BA workshop manual is the same manual issued by Ford Australia to their dealers and technicians.

Suitable for the home workshop mechanic or professional technician this manual will help you maintain your Ford Falcon BA. Very easy step by step instructions with lots of diagrams and photos.

This manual is for the following BA Models made between 2003-2005:

Ford Falcon XT Sedan
Ford Falcon XT Station Wagon
Ford Futura Sedan
Ford Futura Station Wagon
Ford XR6 Sedan
Ford XR8 Sedan
Ford XR6 Ute
Ford XR8 Ute
Ford Falcon GT Sedan
Ford Fairmont Sedan
Ford Fairmont Station Wagon
Ford Fairmont Ghia Sedan
Ford Falcon XL Ute
Ford Falcon XLS Ute

The following engines are covered in this Factory Ford Falcon BA Service Manual

4.0L DOHC 6 Cylinder
5.4L 3V V8 SOHC
5.4L 4V V8 DOHC

The following Transmissions are covered in this BA Falcon Workshop Manual 5 Speed Manual BTR T5 (M57) (6 Cylinder)

5 Speed Manual TR3650 (V8)
4 Speed Automatic 93LE (6 Cylinder)
4 speed Automatic 97LE (V8)

Below is a list of the information contained in this Ford Service Manual

Section 1
General Information
Identification Codes
Jacking & Lifting
Noise Vibration & Harshness
Noise Vibration & Harshness Diagnosis & Test Information

Section 2
Suspension System General Information
Front Wheel Alignment
Rear Wheel Alignment
Suspension System Diagnosis & Test Information
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension IRS
Rear Suspension Beam Axle
Wheels & Tyres
Driveline System General Information
Drive Shaft
Drive Shaft Diagnosis & Test Information
Rear Drive Half Shafts
Brake System General Information
Brake System Diagnosis & Test Information
Front Disc Brakes
Rear Disc Brakes
Parking Brake
Hydraulic Brake Actuation
Anti Lock Control
Steering System General Information
Power Steering
Power Steering Diagnosis & Test Information
Steering Linkage
Steering Column
Steering Column Switches

Section 3
Engine System General Information
Engine System Diagnosis & Test Information
Engine 4.0L 6 Cylinder Petrol LPG & Turbo
Engine 5.4L (3V) V8
Engine 5.4L (4V) V8
Engine Cooling General Information
Engine Cooling Diagnosis & Test Information
Fuel Charging & Controls – Turbo
Single Fuel LPG
Accessory Drives – Water Pump etc
Starting System Diagnosis & Test Information
Starting System Repairs
Intake Air Distribution & Filtering
Power Train Control Management
Automatic Transmission BRT 93LE
Automatic Transmission BRT 97LE
Automatic Transmission External Controls
Clutch Controls
Manual Transmission I6
Manual Transmission TR3650
Manual Transmission External Controls
Exhaust System
Fuel System
Acceleration Control

Section 4
Climate Control System
Heating & Ventilating
Air Conditioning
Control Components
Instrument Cluster
Interior Command Centre
Parking Aid
Charging System General Information
Battery Mounting & Cables
Alternator & Regulator
Entertainment System General Information
Audio Unit
Exterior Lighting
Interior Lighting
Module Communications Network
Satellite Navigation
Cellular Phone
Body Electronics Module (BEM)

Section 5
Body System General
Front End Body Panels
Body Closures
Pick Up Bed & Platform Body
Interior Trim & Ornamentation
Exterior Trim & Ornamentation
Rear View Mirrors
Glass, Frames & Mechanisms
Instrument Panel & Console
Handles, Locks, Latches & Entry Systems
Wipers & Washers
Occupant Restraints – Active
Occupant Restraints Passive
Body Repairs – General Information
Body Repairs – Corrosion Protection
Body Repairs – Plastic Repairs
Body Repairs – Water Leaks
Body Repairs – Wind Noise
Body Repairs – Noise, Vibration & Harshness
Body Repairs – Tolerance Checks
Front End Sheet Metal Repairs
Roof Sheet Metal Repairs
Side Panel Sheet Metal Repairs
Rear End Sheet Metal Repairs
Body Welding & High Strength Steel
Paint Preparation & Application

This is a complete BA Series Ford Workshop Repair Manual that includes Ford Falcon, Fairlane, LTD and Utes.

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Ford Falcon BA Workshop Service Repair Manual
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