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Ford Falcon Workshop Repair Manuals

Ford LTD DF – $8.99


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Although not a factory Ford LTD DF Service Manual this very detailed workshop manual will help you maintain and repair your Ford LTD DF with very easy step by step instructions and lots of diagrams and photos. This manual is suitable for the home workshop mechanic or professional technician.

This manual is for the following Ford EF/NF/DF Models made between 1995 and 1996:

Ford LTD DF Series
Ford Fairlane Ghia NF series
Ford Fairlane Sportsman NF series
Fairmont EF Series
Fairmont Ghia EF Series
Falcon (All EF Models)

The following engines and transmissions are covered in this Service Manual:

4.0L MPEFI 6 Cylinder

Automatic Transmission BTR 93LE (6 Cylinder)
Automatic Transmission BTR 97LE (V8)
Manual Transmission 5 Speed T50D

Below is a list of the information contained in this Repair Manual:

General Information
Engine – Tune-Up and Maintenance
Emission Control
6 Cylinder Engine – Maintenance and Rebuild
V8 Engine – Maintenance and Rebuild
Starter System – Removal, Installation and Repair
Alternator System – Removal, Installation and Repair
Cooling System – Maintenance, Problem Solving and Diagnosis
Ignition System – Removal and Inspection 6 and 8 Cylinder
Fuel System – MPEFI 6 Cylinder
Fuel System – SEFI 8 Cylinder
Clutch – Repair, Maintenance and Problem Solving
Automatic Transmission – Rebuild, Maintenance and Problem Solving
5-Speed Manual Transmission – Rebuild, Maintenance and Problem Solving
Drive/Tail Shaft – Removal, Installation and Problem Solving
Universal Joints – Removal, Installation and Problem Solving
Rear Axle – Maintenance, Rebuild and Problem Solving
Steering – Maintenance, Rebuild and Problem Solving
Power Steering – Maintenance, Rebuild and Problem Solving
Front Suspension and Axles – Wheel Alignment
Front Suspension and Axles – Maintenance, Rebuild and Problem Solving
Rear Suspension – Maintenance, Auto Self Leveling and Problem Solving
Brake System – Maintenance, Rebuild and Problem Solving
Exhaust System – Maintenance, 6 Cylinder and V8 Diagrams
Fuel Tank and EFI Fuel Pump – General Maintenance
Wheels and Tyres – Tyre Pressures and Wear Patterns
Windscreen Wipers and Washers – Replacement and Alignment
Body – General Information
Floor Pan/Chassis
Dash/Instrument Panel
Rear Compartment – Boot Lid and Tail Gate (Wagons)
Front and Rear Door Assemblies
Headlining and Trim
Bumper Bars
Heating System – Maintenance, Component Replacement and Problem Solving
Air Conditioning – Maintenance and Problem Solving
Instruments – Cluster Removal, Dismantle, Assemble and Install
Radio and Tape Player – Removal and Install
Body Electronics Module and Smart Lock
Lights Switches and Battery Systems – Maintenance, Removal and Installation
Electrical – Fuses and Circuit Breakers
Wiring Harnesses
Wiring Diagrams
Diagnostics Charts
ABS Brakes Diagnostics Charts
Self-Levelling Suspension Diagnostics Charts
Transmission Diagnostics Charts
Engine Diagnostics Charts
Automatic Climate Control Air Conditioning Diagnostics Charts
Air Bag Diagnostics Charts

This is a complete EF/EL Series Workshop Repair Manual that includes Ford Falcon, Fairlane and LTD.