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DA LTD Workshop Manual

DA LTD Workshop Manual

DA LTD 1988-1991

The Ford DA LTD is Ford’s premium long wheel base luxury car based on the EA Falcon. The LTD shares the same basic body as the Fairlane and many of its features. The Australian designed and developed four-speed automatic transmission featured in the Series II. It housed a 3.9-litre, OHC, multi-point fuel injected engine. This engine featured the the EEC-4 engine management computer. The engine also featured a lock-up torque converter. Driving options were many. Power mode, economy mode and overdrive were standard. This made the LTD suitable for both city and country driving.

The tail-lights have a ‘Smoked’ effect and the B and C-pillars painted black. For the DA Series ll the B-pillars are body coloured, and a bonnet emblem and rear boot lid badge added. The big rear lights of the Ford DA LTD filled out most of the rear panel. The rear louvres added a distinguished appearance but still allowed good visibility.

The sumptuous interior has deeply padded seats with velour covering. The woodgrain finish in the door panels adds a touch of extra luxury. The instrument panel of the LTD used a combination of analogue and digital dials. The racing car style tachometer showed the needle vertical when the engine is at the red line. The switches for the trip computer, climate control, air conditioning and cruise control located on the steering wheel. Also featured liquid crystal display, speedometer, trip meter, and car outline warning module. The tachometer, fuel and temperature gauges are conventional analogue designs.

There were few exterior changes to the Series II DA LTD. A theft deterrent system was introduced. The doors, ignition and boot featured Tibbe locks that made the car all but impossible to steal.

The DA Series II went all the way in the luxury stakes with the introduction of leather trim in the interior. Power adjustment for seat height, tilt and fore-and-aft setting, but the seatback angle was manual.