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ZG Fairlane – October 1973 – 1976

The ZG Fairlane is easily recognisable by its bold, egg-crate grille with this theme repeated in a similar pattern on the tail-light surrounds. The ZG Fairlane was introduced in October 1973, with Ford riding on the crest of a sales wave which saw record Fairlane sales of nearly 20,000 units.

The ZG Fairlane is a facelift version of the previous ZF model. Most body panels are the same as the ZF. The tail-lights are surrounded by a moulding similar in style to the grille pattern. The ZG has new badges for the deck lid and front fenders. The turn signal park lights have a heavier wrap around die cast bezel. The Ford badges set into the left side of the grille and a stylised badge is in the centre of the bonnet.

Both the Fairlane Custom and Fairlane 500 models were given heavier duty shock absorbers and a slightly higher ride height for improved handling and a softer ride. The 351 V8 engine, optional on Falcon and Fairlane models, was proving popular enough for Ford Australia to begin local manufacture.

After extensive testing, Ford revised the front-end structures of their entire range, to give increased energy absorption. A push-button radio became standard equipment in the 500 and more significantly, the Custom gained automatic transmission coupled to the 250 cubic inch six.

In September 1975, Ford upgraded equipment on the Fairlane. Both models now featured as standard, vinyl roof, bumper over riders, more carpeting including the boot, improved interior trim and polished stainless steel exterior mouldings. The increased standard fittings came with a price rise of $136.

Engines available in the ZG Fairlane were the 250 cubic inch 6 cylinder, the 302 cubic inch V8 and the mighty 351 cubic inch V8. Six-cylinder models has a single exhaust pipe system with V8 models having a twin exhaust pipe system.